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Tender for Roofing (Repair and Maintenance of Asphalt, Built Up Felt and Pitched Roofing) - AWARD
Tender for the Supply of Timber Materials
CA5323 - Provision of Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS) - Taxi Support
€ 189
CA5381 - Craven College, Sub Contracted Adult Learning Services Tender
€ 309,968
Restoration of Swanage Bandstand - Space
GB-Bristol: Extended Range Fuel Tank Roller Frames
GB-Loch Striven: Replacement Transfer Pumping Arrangement - OFD Loch Striven - F44 Installation & F76 Strip Out
EHRC 1819-34 Responding to Racial Harassment Complaints at University
€ 77,100
TNA Advisers
Public Sector Resources
€ 44.5 Million

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