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Tender Contest with Negotiation for a Contract for Strategic Communication Competence and Digital Marketing — Part 1
Transport Services Between Locations in Helse Førde HF [Førde Hospital Trust]
Review Assignment Concerning Coordination of Municipal and County Purchasing
Hovden Løypekjøring AS
Framework Agreement for Asphalt work at Ørland Air Station
24-hour Blood Pressure Measurement and Holter ECG for the Trusts in Helse Nord
Lot 2
Lot 1
€ 234,050
Lot 2
€ 93,620
Procurement of Consultancy Services for the Defence Sector in the Discipline of Strategic Advisory Services
Procurement — Multi-function machines, 2020
€ 2.9 Million
Procurement of a Framework Agreement for Multi-function Machines
Cleaning Services Area 4 Locations in Nordland

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