Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS) is a geocode standard to provide a breakdown of the economic territory of the European Union into territorial units for the production of regional statistics and for targeting political interventions at a regional level. Read more at Wikipedia, eurostat


Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) seeks to standardise, by means of a single classification system for public procurement, the terms used by contracting authorities and entities to describe the subject of contracts. Read more at Wikipedia, EUR-Lex

Transparency Indicators

Implementation location available

Share of tenders where the regional codes (NUTS) of the implementation location is available.

Subcontract info available

Share of tenders where information on subcontracting is available.

Fundings info available

Share of tenders where information on funding is available

Award criteria available

Share of tenders where award criteria information is available

Product codes available

Share of tenders where product code information (CPV) is available

Duration available

Share of tenders where contract duration information is available

Eligible bid languages available

Share of tenders where eligible bid languages information is available

Selection method available

Share of tenders where selection method information is available

Bidder name available

Share of tenders where the name of the bidder is available

Contract value available

Share of tenders where the contract value is available

Integrity Indicators

Single bidder contract

Single bid signals a risk when only one bid is submitted in a tender in a competitive market.

Call for tenders publication

Not publishing calls for tender signals a risk when no call for tenders is published prior to a contract award, decreasing the potential bidder pool.

Procedure type

Non-open procedures signal a risk of using procedures types which are less open for competition and more readily used for directly contracting connected companies (e.g. negotiated without publication).

Length of advertisement period

Advertisement period length reveals the risk of suspiciously tight bidding deadlines or when advertisement period is excessively long.

Length of decision period

Length of decision period signals risks when the the decision period length is either suspiciously short or suspiciously long.

New company

New company signals the risk of a very young company winning a tender (younger than 1 year at the time of winning).

Tax haven

Tax haven signals a risk when the supplier is located in a tax haven country (based on the financial secrecy index).

Composite Scores

Transparency Score

The Transparency score is the average of Transparency Indicators.

Integrity Score

The Procurement Integrity score is the average of Procurement Integrity Indicators.

Good Procurement Score

The overarching good procurement score is the average of the three composite scores above.


1.0 Million = 10⁶

1.0 Billion = 10⁹

1.0 Trillion = 10¹²

1.0 Quadrillion = 10¹⁵

1.0 Quintillion = 10¹⁸

1.0 Sextillion = 10²¹