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Integrated Logistics Services
ICT Security
Development of Critical Appraisal Forms for the Evaluation of Ecotoxicology Studies
AO 20-031 — Fourniture de clés pour les bâtiments du Parlement européen à Bruxelles — fourniture et pose de barillets pour les bâtiments du Parlement européen à Bruxelles
Production and Analysis of the Skills Forecast
€ 900,000
Provision of Web Services
Lot 1
€ 800,000
Lot 2
€ 250,000
Provision of Support to the Hellenic Statistical Authority in National Accounts (GNI) and Government Finance Statistics
Provision of External Staff and Services for Maintenance, Support, Development and Implementation of Packages and Specific Information Systems at the EIB Group
Lot 1
€ 20.0 Million
Lot 2
€ 10.0 Million
Lot 3
€ 11.0 Million
Lot 4
€ 14.0 Million
Retrofit of the Trigeneration System in JRC Ispra Site by Construction of a New Plant to be Hosted in a New Building (Design and Construction of the Building is not Included in the Scope)
Provision of Interim Services to Fusion for Energy (F4E) in France
€ 1.8 Million

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